July 24th Update

Dear Parents,

We have been working diligently all summer to enable us to provide the best and safest education for our students this year. Please know that this is an ever-changing situation that we are continually adapting to and will continue to keep you updated as things change. Yesterday, Governor Ducey issued a new Executive Order with important information for districts and schools. Below is a list of the important changes that we are sharing with you. By next Wednesday, 7/29/20, we will be sending our updated, detailed school and classroom plans to all of you with details about the August 17, 2020 opening.

- Schools are required to make up the days missed at the beginning of the year and revise their calendars accordingly prior to the first day of school. We are working on a revised calendar to accommodate the 16 missed days throughout the rest of the 20-21 school year and will provide that to you when completed.

- To ensure a safe return of in-person, teacher lead classroom instruction, the Arizona Department of Health Services must develop school re-opening benchmarks based in public health data by August 7, 2020. Districts and schools will use these recommendations, along with guidance from county health officials to determine if in-person, teacher-lead classrooms can be opened safely August 17, 2020.

- Schools must implement a policy requiring the use of face masks and/or shields for all staff and students over the age of five; these can be taken off at times during outdoor breaks and when students are socially distanced. This must occur until the AZ Dept of Health Services determines that they are no longer necessary or recommended to contain the spread of the virus.

Please watch for our detailed update by next Wednesday in your e-mail and on our website. Teachers will be reaching out to you individually after that to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your patience during this time. We appreciate our families and look forward to teaching your children again soon!


Jennifer L. Baker Director


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