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Level 1 ~ Kindergarten/1st grade
Tammy Westerson

Tammy Westerson is our Level 1 Instructor teaching Kindergarten. Mrs. Westerson received her Bachelor's degree from Indiana University and holds teaching certificates in Texas and Tennessee as well as Arizona. This is her 9th year teaching Kindergarten and has taught 1st and 2nd grade too. She has district school experience in addition to public charter school experience.

When asked what she enjoys most about working with this age child, she always replies, "the light bulb moment." That moment when a child understands a math concept, can sound out letters to spell words, or realizes that they are actually reading on their own, and the light bulb goes on over their heads. You get these moment with students of all ages, but in Kindergarten you get them daily. It's the best feeling in the world!

She and her husband enjoy spending time with their families and their 3 Shetland sheepdogs.

Level 1




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