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Level 1 ~ Kindergarten/1st grade
Mary Clare McCartin

Mrs. McCartin is currently our talented art teacher, who will be working in Level 1 for the remainder of this year, ensuring our students are prepared and ready for their next year. She has her B.A. and M.A. in Education through California Baptist University in Southern California.


She was a CA credentialed teacher who has worked as a developmental preschool teacher, ages 4-5, as well as 1st grade & 4th grade and Middle School science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). 


Her philosophy is that all students should have the opportunity to learn at a rate that is appropriate to their development and should be provided with a classroom structure that can meet all of their social, emotional, cognitive and educational needs. This means differentiating lessons as needed and creating a culture of respect for each other. Her classroom environment is set up to include teamwork and positivity, so that students feel safe to express themselves and are appreciated for their uniqueness.

Level 1




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