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~At Willow Creek Charter, Every Child Thrives~
                  An Arizona "A" Rated School

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"It's a caring family structure" ~ Joy
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Our Culture

Willow Creek Charter began in 1999, creating a safe, effective school environment while successfully meeting the social, emotional, and academic needs of each child. We understand that a successful school needs purposeful leadership with educators that take responsibility for the students’ academic success while encouraging teamwork.  Quarterly, we have Ranch Round-up, where our students enjoy the last day of the quarter in a fun-filled activity. We all enjoy school performances, talent shows and fun days of learning science hands-on, as well as fun surprises. For holidays, we enjoy a Thanksgiving Feast with everyone enjoying time with family and get ready for the next week off. We try to incorporate all of the fun into our school culture so students enjoy learning in our family-like environment. We are dedicated to providing the best public education for your child. Our classrooms are small; resulting in excellent student to teacher ratios, allowing for all students' needs to be met. 

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"Wonderful school. Warm setting. Very caring and attentive teachers and staff. I've had 2 children that have gone through the school and they loved it."~Frances

Our Staff

Our staff is outstanding! Between us, we have over 100 years of teaching experience. All of our teachers are certified and some have state endorsements in subjects such as fine arts, physical education, early childhood education, and special education, allowing us to provide a well-rounded school experience for our students. From our teachers, support staff, administration to maintenance, we all work together to make it possible for our students to have a great learning experience.
"Absolutely love the small class sizes. A wonderful family atmosphere!" ~ Tammy
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Our Philosophy

At Willow Creek Charter, we create a safe environment for children to grow and be themselves. When a student becomes ridden with fear and anxiety, learning is difficult. We have a zero bullying tolerance policy. Willow Creek Charter students encourage each other to reach for their personal best. We teach our students the importance of respecting adults, peers and their learning environment. Our students feel safe and therefore can put their efforts into mastering academic skills and pursuing their interests. 

Our multi-age classrooms consist of two grades. This teaching philosophy promotes cooperation, collaboration and allows students to develop a deeper and comprehensive understanding of subject matters. This also gives students the opportunity to build personal self-esteem while aiding their peers in a strong academic environment. Our cooperative learning style fosters high-achieving academic goals while promoting respectful and encouraging behaviors.

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