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Level 5 ~ 7th/8th Grade
Francine Silva

Francine Silva is new to our beautiful state, she and her family moved here from The Big Island of Hawaii in 2021. She found her little piece of heaven in Chino Valley and added to her menagerie, which now consists of a donkey, a pony, three goats, 9 dogs, 6 cats, a bunny, a cockatiel, 4 ducks, 25 chickens, 30 fish, and an axolotl.


She graduated with a degree in Communication from the University of Hawaii at Hilo, then continued her education at Chaminade University earning a degree in Special Education. For 23 years she has taught everything from preschool through high school and has enjoyed the challenge!


Francine is passionate about helping young adults reach their potential. Civilization has gotten complex and helping young people learn to negotiate the trials of media, social and personal challenges is as important as a solid education. With compassion, and an uncanny ability to reach young adults, Francine works to meet the needs of the students, not just to have them reach their goals, but to help them exceed it. 

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