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Welcome to Our K-8 Public School

Our multi-age classrooms consist of two grades. This teaching philosophy promotes cooperation,
collaboration, and develops a comprehensive understanding of subject matters. Our structure gives students the opportunity to build personal self-esteem while aiding their peers in a strong academic environment.

End of Year Snapshot 

Greetings WCC family! As we start wrapping up the year, we wanted to remind parents that field trips and other fun events are coming up.  


May 1st   No School  

May 4th   

Levels 3, 4, and 5 have a field trip at Sharlot Hall Museum from 9:30 – 12:00 p.m. We need parent drivers, so please contact your child’s teacher to let them know if you are available. 

May 18th  

Project based learning activities 

L1 & L2 – parents are invited to attend the L1 and L2 PBL events 

L3-5 will present to their classes and staff 


May 23rd   

Heritage Park Zoo Family Field trip 8:45 – 2:00 to be back by 3:00 pick up. Parents, if you haven't already completed the survey, please check constant contact and submit your response. 

May 24th        ½ Day  Dismissal is 12:00pm    

8th Grade Graduation and Awards Ceremony on campus! 

Followed by BBQ for school. Watch for more details to come soon. 

May 25th         ½ Day Dismissal is 12:00pm - Ranch Round Up 

For Ranch Round Up, we are asking parents to please remember water bottles, sunscreen, hats/ shoes and lunches specially for the field days. Our summer Ranch Round Up is on the last day of school and it will be a water day. Please don’t forget towels and super soakers along with any items listed above. 

Great job everyone, see you next year. Have an awesome summer! 

Our Latest News

AVERAGE TEACHER SALARY (A.R.S. §15-189.05), as added by Laws 2019, Ch. 285, §3
Average salary of all teachers employed in budget year 2023 $36,780
Average salary of all teachers employed in prior year 2022 $33,500
Increase in average teacher salary from the prior year 2022 $3,280

Percentage increase 9.8%

Public Records Requests
A.R.S. § 39-171

Public Records Requests:

Chrystal Morriss, Registrar

928-776-1212 ext. 0

Download Our School Brochure


DISCLOSURE  STATEMENT STATEMENT  OF LOCATIONS WHERE ALL NOTICES OF THE MEETINGS OF WILLOW CHARTER SCHOOL WILL  BE  POSTED In  compliance  with  A.R.S.  §38-431.02(A)(1)(a), Willow Creek Charter School  hereby  states  that  all notices  of  the meetings  of  the  Willow Creek Charter School Governing  Board  and  any  of  its committees  and  subcommittees  will  be  posted on the office window (next to the loading zone) of Willow Creek Charter School, 2100 Willow Creek Road, Prescott AZ 86301. This  location  is  open  to  the  public  Monday  through  Thursday  from  7:30  a.m.  to  4:30  p.m.,  except for  legal  holidays.  The  above  notices  for  all  meetings  will  also  be  posted  on  the  school’s  website at Notices  will  indicate  the  date,  time,  and  place  of  the  meeting  and  will  include  an  agenda  or information  concerning  the  manner  in  which  the  public  may  obtain  an  agenda  for  the  meeting.

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